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Latex care

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Latex Rubber Care

With proper care, latex garments can be kept for many years in good condition. But latex is not like other materials and does need some special looking after. Here are a few tips for you on how to keep your latex looking its best.

  • When putting latex on, rub baby or talcum powder on your body and the inside of the garment.
  • Latex will tear very easily if it is pulled or snagged on anything, long fingernails can be very hazardous.
  • Keep latex out of sunlight and always dry it out in the shade.
  • Latex can be affected by perfume, body sprays and body oils, try to avoid these coming into contact with the garment. Also many forms of liquid can affect the surface finish of latex.
  • Handwash latex in cold water and hang inside out to dry (or towel dry). Powder lightly before storing to prevent garment sticking to itself.
  • Whatever you do, please do not iron your latex!!!
  • Do not rub or allow any contact with oil (clean hands are always a good idea!!) as it destroys latex.
  • Clean latex within a couple of days of wearing it (leaving it dirty with sweat and body oils weakens it)
  • Store lighter colours so they are not in direct contact with any darker pieces (the darker colour can discolour the lighter ones if left together even for a short time.
  • Do not allow light colours to come into contact with copper-based items (coins, jewellery- some jewellery appears silver but contains a copper core- etc) because it will stain very easily. Take care especially if you have been handling such items as even your hands may stain the rubber.

Following these instructions should ensure that your latex garment lasts for many years, however latex is a natural product and does wear very quickly particularly at stress points such as elbows, knees and seat, especially when the garment is tight fitting.






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